Top 5 Grooming Tips for Men

What holds importance to you in life may not necessarily be the same for your fellow associates. However, the one paramount element that stays constant throughout for every passerby is a healthy hygienic routine. Pertaining to this we also come across copious amounts of information fed to the masses to fabricate panic and insecurities among them. In the current day and age where every person has a distinctive character trait, grooming has become more of a lifestyle choice rather than what it should be - an indispensable habit. Furthermore, we as constantly evolving beings of change need a routine that ensures a plan of action that works. The potential to reach your best version is not a strenuous and taxing effort anymore and to break this stereotype and not succumb to its social pressure, here are 5 easy tips from Uncle Tony for your perusal.

1. Beard maintenance

It has been rightly observed that the details matter when it comes to a man’s beard. In the past few years, beards have been classified as trendy, and have in turn become a regular fixture amongst bars, offices, and creative agencies resplendent with beanbags and 'blue skies thinking. Therefore, keeping your beard well-groomed at all times holds prime importance. Below are some tips for the same:

  • Apply beard oil with natural ingredients and essential oils at least 3-4 days a week. This does not hydrate and soften your mane but also moisturizes the sensitive skin underneath the beard.
  • Washing and conditioning your beard helps avoid acne and dandruff. Beard hair constantly gets a beating from the environment around you, and thus should be taken care of extensively.
  • Up your styling game by using supreme quality beard wax for a clean and classy look without making your beard appear greasy or sticky.

2. Proper Haircare

The basis of any first impression is partly a person’s sleek appearance as much as we like to deny it. The way we perceive or continue an interaction weighs magnanimously on whether or not you have a sharp cut that accents your features. The few ways you can ensure this runs smoothly are –

  • Don’t over wash your hair. It can cause irreversible damage when overdone due to hair follicle damage. It brings in the risk of early onset of thinning and the effects of dry and undernourished hair.
  • Dry your hair the appropriate way. The way we Indians are generally taught is to just vigorously rub our scalp with a towel and stop for the day. This is not just harmful as your hair is in its most vulnerable stage after a shower but it can also cause increased thinning.
  • Maintain a product limit and follow that religiously. Results take time to show and changing your products every few weeks will not give you a valid result and will cause unnecessary damage to your hair.
  • Decrease the heat applied to your hair. Constant heat application can cause major repercussions at a later stage. Hot showers, hair straightening, and the high usage of hair dryers can all cause this.

3. Take good care of your skin

A man’s skin needs just as much care and attention as a woman’s. Therefore, ensuring that your skin is moisturized and nourished at all times holds undue importance. The initial and most crucial step involved in picking the right skincare products is determining your skin type. Below mentioned are the four main types:

  • Normal Skin: You are one of the few lucky ones whose skin is not prone to dryness or oiliness.
  • Dry Skin: Your skin is dried up, tight and red quite frequently.
  • Oily Skin: Your skin tends to become oily quickly.
  • Combination Skin: Most of the time, you might have normal skin, but you could end up having dry patches around your T-zone.

After successfully figuring out your skin type, you need to buy two products that are best suited for you, namely, a face cleanser and a moisturizer serum. Cleaning your face as a part of a good grooming process may seem obvious, but cleansing your face the right way may not be as effortless as you think. Avoid using excessively hot water and chemicals that strip the moisture from your skin.

Besides religiously practicing your daily skincare regime, applying sunscreen, especially during summer, helps curb pigmentation, fine lines, aging, wrinkles, and the risk of skin cancer, which worryingly is on the rise. The two prime properties to look for while choosing a good sunscreen include water resistance and an SPF over 30.

4. Find your signature scent

It has been rightly observed that having a signature fragrance leaves a major impression on each being that you meet. Thus, it is imperative that you opt for a fragrance that makes the right kind of statement and complements your style. Here is a pro tip, rather than owning eight to ten average scents, choose one or two classic blends that you really appreciate. Lighter, citrus-based notes are better suited to summer, whereas, herby, spicy, or woody scents work in the winter.

5. Lastly, stick to the basics!

Make sure you do and adopt every habit and mannerism to “Look good, smell good, and feel good!”

  • Take care of bad breath: Chewing gums can be a quick fix most of the time. However, in case you run out of toothpaste and an important meeting comes up, try mixing baking soda with water to clean your teeth.
  • Trim your nose/ear hair: Unless you aim to look like Yoda from Star Wars, kindly get an electrical trimmer and spare a few seconds to clean the tiny hair whenever you notice them sticking out of these areas.
  • Clip your nails regularly: At least once a week, dedicate 5 minutes to clip not only your fingernails but also your toenails.

On International Men’s Day, treat yourself to Uncle Tony’s premium grooming products!