Diwali Grooming Trends for Men in 2023

As the festival of lights, Diwali is not only a time for celebration and togetherness but also an opportunity to display one's best fashion choices. With each passing year, grooming trends for men have evolved, and 2023 will be no different. This Diwali, get ready to make a statement with your style as we dive into the latest grooming trends that are set to take over in the upcoming year. From sharp cuts to bold colours, these trends will elevate your look and add an extra spark of glamour to your festive ensemble. So, let us explore what lies ahead in terms of Diwali men's grooming trends 2023.

Classic Indian Attire: Embrace Tradition

While fashion and style are constantly evolving, it is important to remember our roots and embrace tradition during this festive season. One of the classic Indian attires that never goes out of style is the kurta pyjama. This comfortable yet elegant outfit can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

For a more traditional look, opt for a simple white kurta paired with a printed or solid-coloured pyjama. To add some flair, experiment with different fabrics, such as silk or linen, for a more modern twist.

Another trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the bandh gala suit. This sophisticated ensemble exudes elegance and charm while still maintaining its traditional essence. The key to pulling off this look is choosing the right fit and colour combination.

Darker shades like navy blue, black or burgundy are perfect for evening celebrations, while lighter colours like beige or cream are ideal for daytime festivities. In addition to attire, grooming plays an important role in completing any look. 

The Modern Twist: Contemporary Fusion Styles

While traditional attire and grooming styles still hold their charm, there is an increasing demand for fusion looks that seamlessly blend elements from different cultures. One of the most popular fusion styles gaining popularity among men is the Indo-Western look. This style combines traditional Indian garments like kurtas with Western influences such as blazers or jackets.

The result is a sophisticated yet unique outfit perfect for Diwali festivities. Another emerging trend in Diwali grooming for men is the incorporation of metallic accents into traditional outfits.

Whether it is adding gold buttons to a kurta or donning a silver embroidered jacket, these small details add a touch of glamour and modernity to any ensemble. The use of bold colours and prints has also become more prevalent in recent years, challenging the conventional notion that men should stick to neutral tones during Diwali celebrations.

Grooming Essentials: Skin, Hair, and Beard Care

With social media and fashion influencers constantly setting new standards for male grooming, it is essential to have a well-maintained skin, hair, and beard routine. Here are some tips to help you achieve your best look this Diwali.

Skincare is crucial in maintaining a fresh and youthful appearance. In 2023, expect to see a rise in natural and organic skin care products as more men become conscious about what they put on their skin.

When it comes to hair care, sleek hairstyles will continue to dominate the scene in 2023. Invest in good quality hair styling products such as pomades or clays that add texture without weighing down your hair. In addition, do not forget about the beard!

A well-groomed beard can make or break a look, so ensure to regularly trim and shape it to maintain a polished appearance. Beard oils and after-shave balms will also be essential for keeping facial hair soft and healthy. This Diwali, step up your grooming game with these simple yet effective essentials.

Diwali Hairstyles: From Traditional to Trendy

As men also want to look their best during Diwali festivities, they often opt for new hairstyles that are both traditional and trendy. One of the most popular traditional hairstyles for Diwali is the slicked-back hairdo. This classic style has been around for ages and gives a sophisticated look that complements any ethnic outfit.

To achieve this hairstyle, you can use some gel or pomade to keep your hair in place and comb it back neatly. For those who prefer a more modern touch, there are plenty of options to choose from as well. The quiff hairstyle has been making waves in recent times and works perfectly for celebrations like Diwali. This edgy yet stylish hairdo involves styling your hair upwards while keeping the sides short.

Another trendy option is the textured crop haircut, which adds volume and texture to your hair without being too overpowering. It is an excellent choice if you have wavy or curly hair, as it enhances your natural texture.

If you are feeling adventurous, then opt for a side-swept undercut, which involves shaving off one side of your hair and sweeping the longer section to the other side. This bold look is sure to make heads turn at any Diwali celebration.

Beard Care: The Key to a Stylish Diwali Celebration

Along with vibrant clothes and delicious food, one aspect that adds to the charm of this festival is a well-groomed beard. A stylish beard not only enhances your overall look but also reflects your personality. However, maintaining a healthy and groomed beard requires effort and proper care.

Firstly, regular washing and conditioning are essential for keeping your beard clean and soft. Use a mild shampoo, or specialized beard wash to avoid harsh chemicals that can damage facial hair. Conditioning helps in nourishing the hair follicles, making them manageable.

Secondly, combing or brushing your beard daily is crucial for distributing natural oils evenly throughout the hair strands. This promotes healthier growth while preventing tangles and frizz. Trimming regularly is another vital element of good beard care. It keeps the length in check while getting rid of split ends that may cause breakage.

Moreover, shaping your moustache along with trimming can add definition to your face. Apart from these basic steps, using quality beard grooming products like beard oils and after shave-balms can make a significant difference in achieving a well-maintained beard.

Accessorize with Elegance: Jewellery and Watches

One of the key elements of a well-groomed man's ensemble is his choice of accessories, specifically jewellery and watches. In recent years, there has been a surge in demand for men's jewellery and luxury timepieces as they add a touch of refinement to any outfit. In 2023, we can expect to see an array of options when it comes to men's jewellery.

From chunky chain necklaces and statement rings to classic cufflinks and sleek bracelets, these pieces will not only add a touch of style but also elevate any traditional Diwali attire. The use of precious metals such as gold and silver will continue to be a popular choice among men who want their accessories to reflect their status.

When it comes to watches, the trend is shifting towards more intricate designs with unique details. Men are now opting for oversized dial sizes combined with luxurious leather or metal straps adorned with diamonds or other precious stones. This adds an element of luxury while still maintaining a refined look.

Fragrance Matters: Choosing the Right Perfume

As the festival of lights, Diwali approaches in 2023, men are not only preparing their outfits and accessories but also paying more attention to men's grooming trends. One aspect that often is overlooked is choosing the right perfume. Fragrance plays a significant role in completing an outfit and creating a lasting impression. With changing times and preferences, it is essential to stay updated on the latest Diwali grooming trends.

In recent years, there has been a shift towards lighter and more subtle fragrances for men. This trend is expected to continue in 2023 as well. Men are opting for fresh scents with notes of citrus or aquatic elements instead of heavy, musky perfumes. These lighter scents not only complement traditional Indian wear but also work well with western attire.

Another important factor to consider while choosing a perfume for Diwali is its longevity. The celebrations can last for hours, so it is crucial to choose a long-lasting fragrance that will keep you smelling great throughout the festivities.

Celebrity-Inspired Diwali Grooming Trends for Men

As Diwali approaches in 2023, men are looking to step up their grooming game and embrace the latest trends in men's grooming inspired by celebrities. From stylish haircuts to well-groomed beards, here are some of the top grooming tips that will dominate this festival season.

Firstly, a clean and polished look is key.

This means investing in a good quality-shaving razor for a smooth shave or getting regular beard trims for those who prefer a more rugged look. Taking care of your skin is also important, with exfoliating face scrubs and moisturizers becoming essential steps in any man's daily routine.

Secondly, hairstyles are evolving with time, and celebrities like Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor have been seen rocking sleek side-parted hairstyles on the red carpet. This classic style adds an elegant touch to any outfit and can easily be achieved with some styling gel or pomade.

For those who prefer longer locks, do not worry - long hair is still trending!

Take inspiration from actors like Kartik Aaryan or Vicky Kaushal, who have been sporting messy yet stylish man buns on various occasions. Just make sure to keep your hair healthy with regular trims and nourishing products.

Grooming Gifts: Ideas for Diwali Presents

Diwali is a time for celebration and exchanging gifts with loved ones. While it is common to see women receiving gifts such as jewellery, clothes, and sweets during this festival, men often get overlooked when it comes to gift-giving. However, with the rise of grooming and self-care trends among men, gifting those products that cater to their personal care needs has become a popular trend.

When it comes to choosing the perfect grooming gift for men during Diwali, there are endless options available in the market. From luxurious skincare supreme sets to high quality shaving sets, there is something for every man's grooming routine. One can also opt for personalized gifts like engraved perfume bottles or monogrammed toiletry bags that add a special touch to the present.


In conclusion, Diwali grooming trends for men in 2023 will focus on embracing a more natural and effortless look. With the rising awareness of sustainability and inclusivity, there will be a shift towards using eco-friendly products and promoting diverse representations of masculinity.

The incorporation of traditional Indian elements into modern styles will also add a unique touch to men's grooming routines during Diwali celebrations. It is an exciting time for men's grooming as they continue to break stereotypes and explore new ways to express their individuality while honouring cultural traditions.

Let us embrace these upcoming trends with open arms and celebrate the diversity within our community during this auspicious festival of lights.