Rs. 349.30 Rs. 499
Color: Red
Want to get rid of suspicious looks from your girlfriend's dad? Desperate to nail that interview? Uncle Tony is your shaviour. The sharp razor blades know how to tame stubbles and shadows and turn you into a dapper and charming man. Well, charming is totally up to you.
What's Good About It
  • Premium German 5 Blade Razor that shaves close for a super smooth shave.
  • 5 Blades spaced closely for comfort and safety.
  • Amorphous diamond coated blades deliver sharpness and durability.
  • L-shaped blades designed for rinse through.
  • Styling trimmer built into back of the cartridge.
  • Push button for easy release.
  • German precision.
How to Use

Enjoy a smooth and clean shave with UncleTony's 5 blade system. Apply shaving foam before using the Razor and continue to rinse the razor with water as you shave.

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