Beard Basic Kit

Rs. 1,393.30 Rs. 1,990
Give your beard the care it needs with UncleTony Beard Basics Kit. The products in this kit ensure that your beard is clean and tamed all day long.
What's Good About It
  • Made in France with the highest quality Ingredients.
    - Organic Sunflower Oil: Nutritive and hydrating, it naturally softens and
    revitalizes skin.
    - Increases skin hydration one hour after application.
    - Skin-barrier protection.
    - Ginger has 40 antioxidant elements and works as an anti-ageing element
    for the skin.
    - Woody Mandarin Fragrance provides persistent freshness.
    - Anti-ageing properties: Reduction of wrinkles.
    - Protects the skin against moisture loss; makes it soft and smooth and
    improves the structure of the skin’s natural lipid film.
    Anti-inflammatory and hydrating agent.
How to Use

UncleTony Beard Oil:Apply 4-5 drops of the Beard Oil on your hand and massage it on your beard.Continue to spread the oil all over your beard till it is uniformly spread. Your beard should feel smooth and soft.

UncleTony Beard Wash: After applying some water to your beard, apply the Beard Wash to rinse and massage thoroughly.

Once the Beard Wash is evenly spread over your beard rinse it off with water. Your beard will feel clean and fresh.

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