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    Our Beard Range

    No matter what beard you’re sporting, our French beard products will leave your beard healthy, fresh, smooth and regal!

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The UncleTony Shaving System has a razor handle with a blade, a 5 system four blade cartridge pack, an amazing shaving foam and an after shave balm from Provence France.

Bath and Body Kit

A shampoo and a shower gel, made with finest ingredients in Provence France. All perfect for daily use, and with an amazing French fragrance.

Shop our Star Product!

The UncleTony Beard Oil is essential for the bearded man. Our proprietary formula, made in Provence, France, uses organic sunflower oil to rehydrate and naturally soften the beard. Use just a few drops and watch the magic happen! 100% Natural Ingredients.

  1. UncleTony Beard Oil



Have you done something unpredictable today?

Life’s too short to follow the same old routine. Mix it up and be outrageous. UncleTony is here to help you tap into your inner crazy.

So go on a road trip, go cliff diving, quit your job, test drive a Ferrari and ask your girlfriend’s dad for the keys to his Mercedes.

From the second you start grooming with us, we’ll make sure you look good no matter where you end up!


FREE UncleTony Shaving Foam with a minimum purchase of Rs. 450.

The UncleTony Shaving Foam treats your skin like a princess! It's rich and creamy lather invigorates and moisturises in equal measure. Glycerin increases razor glide, preventing redness. The UncleTony Shaving Foam has brilliant cleansing and toning properties that gives you the smoothest shave, along with an exquisite European Fragrance with menthol and Aloe extract.


UncleTony’s premium grooming products are produced in Provence, France and feature high quality natural ingredients designed to leave you well-groomed and feeling…unpredictable!

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