Beard Grooming Products Every Man Needs

To date, the term ‘beauty’ has been predominantly associated with a single-gender type. But gone are the days when grooming wasn’t as important for males as it has been for females. Taking a significant effort to make oneself look presentable and charming marks a crucial step towards loving oneself a little more, one day at a time. This can be cited as one of the several reasons for the rising importance of grooming products in our lives today.

Men with facial hair are well aware of the burdensome journey to grow and maintain their facial hair, which clearly isn't as easy as maintaining the mop on their heads. Nurturing and maintaining a neat yet hipster beard requires excessive grooming, constant attention, and the right mix of products.

Since it is no cakewalk, any kind of measure or product that saves even an iota of mental effort is to die for. So, for the men who wish to up their overall outlook without the extra hassle, here are some grooming products for you in order to look dapper and beautiful on your own accord:

1. Beard Oil

If you’re rooting for your beard grooming experience to remain hassle-free, beard oils are a must-have. While shopping for one, prefer oils with naturally nourishing ingredients like jojoba, thyme, argan, rosemary extracts, geranium, and almond. Apart from promoting steady growth of your facial hair, beard oil hydrates your hair follicles, tames them down, and is a super effective styling agent too! It helps nourish the skin under your beard, which is otherwise neglected. A proper beard oil massage left on overnight can provide wondrous results. Below are some advantages of using beard oil religiously:

• Hydrates and softens your mane

The right beard oil can help a scraggly beard look lusher and softer. It acts as an effective conditioner by making your facial hair easier to comb and maintain. Proper conditioning leads to lesser split ends, better-strengthened hair follicles, and enhanced beard growth.

 The Skin behind the Beard is moisturized.

When you grow a beard, the hair absorbs all the moisture from your skin, which causes dryness. The lack of moisture replenishment makes your skin prone to breaking out. Beard oil reaches the follicles, restores the epidermis, and helps keep your skin hydrated.

• Prevents beard itch and dandruff

Dead and broken skin induces an unavoidable urge to scratch, which eventually causes dandruff and beard itch. Beard oils provide the right amount of moisturization to the skin beneath and prevent dandruff and itchiness.

• Prevents acne

People who have been the victims of beard acne are mindful of how excruciatingly painful it is to witness a red bump or pimple break out beneath their beard. Applying beard oil from time to time cleanses impurities. Some beard oils also consist of anti-inflammatory products that aid in fighting inflammation as well as redness.

• Makes your beard smell good

Several beard oils with natural ingredients are well-scented and smell incredible, making you and your beard feel fresh, clean, and gently scented for a considerable amount of time.

2. Beard Wash/Shampoo

The first and the most essential step towards beard hygiene is to wash it appropriately using a beard wash. Avoid applying regular soap or shampoo as it can deprive your beard of natural oils, leaving it rough and undernourished. Beard wash products containing natural elements paired with essential oils help ensure that your beard is cleansed properly right from the roots, without causing any harm to the sensitive skin underneath. If permitted to step out of line, beard hair grows in whichever direction it so pleases. Moreover, thick beard hair traps minute food particles and several contaminants, making it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Beard shampoo helps keep hair in check by softening it, reducing the risk of infection, and making it more pliant for shaping, styling as well as grooming. Generally, beard shampoo should be used three to four times a week on alternate days. It is to be used like regular shampoo. Although, it must be noted that using the same more frequently than suggested might lead to stripping facial hair of its natural oils.

3. Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioners can be referred to as moisturizing washout treatments that are specially designed for use on facial hair. It nourishes both hair and skin by locking in moisture for a more comfortable and healthier beard or moustache. As mentioned previously, beard hair consistently gets a beating from the environment around you. Therefore, conditioners are a must-have clean the beard without compromising it in any way. Religious use of a good quality beard conditioner applied after a beard wash ensures you relish shiny, lush facial hair that is visibly lively.

4. Beard Wax

In case you’re rooting for a clean and classy look without making your beard appear greasy or sticky, beard wax can help you level up your styling game. It is a crucial grooming product that keeps your perfectly styled facial hair in place. One of its main ingredients is beeswax, which aids the necessary stronghold. This helps create complex and intricate styles and leaves an everlasting impression. It can be applied post-washing and conditioning your beard.

Apart from the above-mentioned products, beard combs and brushes can also come in handy to maintain your perfect look.

Since men have begun to acknowledge the potential of grooming themselves, the market has been flooded with several beard grooming products. It can be confusing to find products that perfectly suit and complement your skin type and look. Instead of breaking your head over the internet, head straight to Uncle Tony’s website and check out their supreme quality beard care products equipped with high-quality ingredients, designed just for you and your beard!