A Complete Guide on How to Fix Patchy Beard

All beards are not created equal. It is every man's dream to have a full and luscious beard that highlights manliness and works as a symbol of maturity. Due to various reasons such as the rate of your hair growth, hair growth pattern, or your genetics, you may not have the beard, which you expected to flaunt, or it may turn out to be the complete opposite after you try to style it. Keep reading ahead to find out ways in which you can manage and take care of your patchy beard.

Let It Grow

The first secret in fixing your patchy beard is letting it grow and resisting the urge to trim it. Wait for at least a month until you touch the razor so that you can observe the direction of your hair growth and where exactly are the patchy spots in your beard. After a month, trim your beard clean and continue letting your beard grow. The longer your beard is, the more it can hide the patchy spots under the beard bush.

Take Care of Your Facial Hair

It is wise to promote the growth of new hair and keep your hair follicles healthy. This helps in avoiding a patchy beard and promoting consistent growth.

Remember the following for maintaining the health and growth of your patchy beard:

Use the premium products offered by Uncle Tony to help you maintain the shape of your beard.

  • Apply Uncle Tony Beard Oil- The itchiness you experience while growing a beard can be tamed with the help of beard oil. Uncle Tony's non-alcoholic beard oils can keep it moisturized at the same time.
  • Apply Uncle Tony Beard Balm- A beard balmis useful to train your facial hair in the direction you would like it to grow. Apply the balm on your patchy beard with the help of your fingers and style it accordingly.
  • Brush your beard- You can use a bristle brush to comb your beard. This will make your beard look well-maintained, get rid of knots, and even help in covering the patchy spots.

Remember to Eat Well

A healthier and thicker beard can be maintained with a steady diet. You need to eat well. Consuming biotin supplements for hair loss can be useful, but we suggest you get the biotin from natural substances such as avocados, legumes, milk, eggs, and chocolate. Food rich in niacin also prevents hair from falling out and becoming brittle. Niacin-rich food includes fish, beef, mushroom, and sunflower seeds. Drink lots of water; a well-hydrated body can produce enough moisture to aid beard growth and help your patchy beard to appear fuller. Plenty of proteins like keratin and amino acids must be included in your diet. Eat lots of fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, and so on to stay ahead in your beard game!

Work Out and Sleep Well

Boost the power of your beard growth by getting enough sleep. Working on your metabolism will surely increase your overall health. Working out can help you increase your collagen production levels and boost testosterone levels. Exercising increases the blood flow to your muscles and the skin on your face as well. The increased blood flow will provide you with nutrients to boost the growth of your facial hair. Cardio workouts like cycling, dancing, running, and brisk walking can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Use Heavier Conditioners

Use heavier conditioners to style and keep your stubborn hair under control. Heavier and leave-in products will allow your longer strands of hair to cover the patchy beard and promote a uniform distribution of your beard hair on your face. 

Dye the Beard

If you are very concerned about your patchy beard, you can make it look less patchy by filling in your beard with a darker shade.

Own Your Beard

Learn to accept yourself the way you are and take your patchy beard with pride. Style it strategically with Uncle Tony's beard products, so you make it appear better, healthier, and fuller. There are plenty of styles available that will help you to do so. You can also make your patchy beard look scruffy, which is attractive for many people and is quite the latest trend. Accept your beard and pull it off with style.