How to Grow a Beard for the First Time

Hoping desperately to grow a beard? This guide has got you covered. Make use of the products, tips, and tricks mentioned in this guide to grow a beard with ease and flaunt it too!

  1. Design a plan

Whether you want to grow a moderately huge or small beard, the most initial and vital step that you should consider is to understand what type of beard style suits your face the best. The most primary beard rule that you must know is to let the beard grow out while pulling everything to an oval-like place. For instance, if you have a long face, it is best to avoid getting a narrow beard, as it will highlight the length of your face. Understand your face shape to choose the right beard style for yourself.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry

As tempting as the whole idea of growing a healthy beard is, do not be restless. The most crucial challenge when it comes to growing a decent and attractive beard is the duration. As a beginner, you may encounter a patchy or weird beard until you wait for the right time and make the necessary changes.

The beard hair usually grows out scraggly and thick for almost everybody. Therefore, even if you come across patchy places, you will have to give it time for sufficient beard growth. Even if your beard does not look as satisfying as you wanted it to, give it time so that you get your desired results.

  1. Shape the beard

Now, once your beard starts becoming visible or even lengthy, you should start shaving the perimeters. If you are determined to grow a beard, you must also do everything it takes to get it to look good enough. With that being said, you have to maintain the cheek and necklines of the beard. These lines are the chief components that help in shaping your beard. To determine how thick your whiskers grow, shaping and shaving them is quite necessary.

  1. Make use of reliable and effective supplements and products.

Rich supplements and products are the bases for supporting your beard growth. Although these products do not develop new hair, they do the next best thing- making them healthy. Check out Uncle Tony’s beard growth products, starting from shaving foamrazorshaving balmbeard oilbeard wash, and much more. Understand which product works for you and utilize them for your beard growth journey to achieve excellent results.

  1. Trim the excess hair

Once your beard is visible and thick enough, it is time to give it an exquisite shape; remove the excess hair to look quite presentable and well-groomed. Moreover, trimming your beard also helps in enhancing the beard growth process. You must understand that your beard will not grow in equal lengths. You will have to shape at least a bit of it. Check out the razor for men offered by Uncle Tony.

  1. Use a conditioning product

Next, if you want a smooth, shiny, and silky beard, a conditioner is necessary. Conditioners are also designed as beard creams, balms, and oils. Make use of one of these beard growth products and massage them softly onto your whiskers. Conditioners also give a smooth finish to your beard, thereby acting like styles.

  1. Brush to maintain

Once your beard has fully grown, and you have shaped it to your desired style, maintaining it can be quite critical. Now that you are already familiar with Uncle Tony’s products for beard growth, use them to maintain the beard so that you look presentable and neat.

As a beginner, take it slow. Do not be in a hurry to explore different beard styles. Follow the steps mentioned above to grow your desired beard.