Is It Safe to Use Beard Oil for Growing a Beard?

Today, almost everybody who grows a beard makes use of beard oil. However, to answer the question of whether it is safe to use beard oil for growing a beard depends on the type of beard oil. Organic beard oils are said to work wonders in growing a shiny and neat beard. On the other hand, selective oils mixed with chemicals also help in growing a half-decent beard. In this guide, you will learn about what beard oil is, the benefits of using beard oil, how to apply it, its basic ingredients, and which beard oil you should make use of.

What is Beard Oil

Beard oil is a mixture of different oils that play a vital role in nourishing the growth of the beard hair, along with the skin that is covered by facial hair. Furthermore, this oil also helps in mitigating factors like itchiness and dryness. Men are especially inclined towards using beard oil for growth to flaunt a dense, healthy, and shiny beard.

Advantages of Beard Oils

Not only does beard oil help in growing a healthy beard, but it has several other benefits as well. Here are the primary benefits of using beard oils.

  1. Helps in growing out the beard: 

    The primary role of beard oils is to grow the beard. Although these oils do not help in developing new hair, they help in enhancing the speed at which your beard hair grows.
  2. Offers a shine to your beard:

    Beard oils can be used as a serum for your beard. Just as if how hair serums make your hair, look smooth and shiny, beard oils offer a sleek finish to your beard.
  3. Helps you grow a thick beard:

    Beard oils also help in thickening your beard and making it grow fast so that you can shape it into your desired style.
  4. Nourishes the skin under the beard:

    Beard oil for growth also helps in keeping your skin underneath the beard free of any rashes or itching. It helps in protecting your skin.
  5. Additional benefits:

    Furthermore, it also helps in making your beard more manageable, preventing split ends, and nourishing your beard entirely.

How to Apply Beard Oil?

Here are 8 easy ways in which you can apply Uncle Tony’s beard oil for growth, to sport a voluminous and healthy beard.

  • First, take a shower and let the skin under your beard become slightly warm. Take a damp towel and softly pat it on your beard.
  • Take 2 to 3 drops of beard oil in the palm of your hand and spread it equally to all parts of your palms.
  • Before you apply the oil on your beard, gently work it on your skin so that the oil reaches the roots of your beard.
  • Now, spread the oil to every part of your beard by massaging it thoroughly.
  • Make use of your palms to massage the sides of your beard smoothly.
  • Make use of your fingertips to apply the oil to your mustache.
  • Brush your beard with a quality comb so that the oil gets distributed evenly.

Ingredients used in Uncle Tony’s Beard Oils

  • Carrier Oils: These oils are indispensable when it comes to nourishing your skin underneath the beard, and promoting the strengthening of roots. Furthermore, they carry rich nutrients that can help in growing your beard. The common carrier oils include jojoba oil, almond oil, argan oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, and coconut oil.
  • Essential oils: Essential oils offer an exquisite scent and aroma to the beards. These oils include tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, sandalwood oil, cedarwood oil, needle oil, and pinewood oil.

Beard oils extensively help in growing your beard hair. However, not all company oils can provide you with satisfactory results. Check out the Uncle Tony beard oil collection which is designed with an ultimate combination of allergy-free ingredients, growth efficiency, aromatic essences, and growth-boosting nutrients.