How to Grow A Beard? - The Modern Man’s Grooming 101

Every man reaches a point in his life where he decides to let his facial hair grow and see how a full beard influences his looks and personality. If you are somewhere around that point in life, you have landed on the right page we would suggest. 

Growing a beard requires much more than avoiding your razor for a while. To help you understand what it takes to grow a full, dense mane of hair on the face, we have put together some useful information.

This guide to growing a beard will help you become one of the thousands of men across the world who successfully don a beard with pride.

So, let us get started!

Getting to Know the Term “BEARD”

You may not be needed to be introduced to the term “beard” because okay, everybody knows it is strands of hair that grow around the chin, cheeks, and neck. However, many people who think of a beard as a specific style or length of facial hair need to know that any kind of facial fuzz from stubble to scruff and sideburns, would technically fall into the category of “BEARD”. 

So now that you have understood the term beard, it would be great to get acquainted with a few more related terms that you will probably get to hear or use while growing one.

  • Vellus: The type of facial bristle that is light, blonde and basically grows during adolescence.
  • Stubble: Short, stiff bristle that grows after a man has cleanly shaved his face.
  • Yeard: a year of growing an untrimmed beard.
  • Tweard: A beard that has gone untrimmed for over two years.
  • Terminal Beard: A darker, coarser and voluminous kind of beard that has gone way down the chin hovering over the front neck and has reached its longest point where it stops growing due to split ends.
  • Goatee: It is a style of facial hair achieved by growing hair only around the chin and not the cheeks.

Why Should I Grow IT?

While the population of men who prefer to keep a fully-grown beard is increasing out there, there are still many who may not have found a potent, convincing reason to grow one.

Well, shaving is a grooming routine for men. Growing a beard, on the other hand, is an exception. However, that does not mean men with full beards are unhygienic. With proper care and maintenance, you can turn the exception of growing a beard into a grooming standard.

But the question is why grow a beard in the first place?

  • While looking at yourself in the mirror every day, you feel you badly need a change, specifically on your face. Now, what can be a bigger statement to your face than a fully-grown beard?
  • A number of studies have revealed that men who don a fulsome beard are deemed stronger, older, and more masculine and aggressive. 
  • It may sound a bit feeble, but a beard can protect you against common illnesses. Research suggested that beards may contain microbes that kill bacteria. Besides this unique kind of antibiotic properties, facial hair provides some degree of protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays and also traps allergens from entering your body through the nasal passage.

Moreover, a large part of whether you can grow a beard depends on your genetics and testosterone levels, of course. Facial hair is genetically driven and there is nothing much you can do if you have poor hair growth genetics. Testosterone ad dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are the hormones that determine your beard thickness and density respectively. Therefore, anyone who is unable to grow a full beard might be having low levels of these hormones.


Have Patience

Time and patience are two essential aspects of growing a beard which many teenagers and men tend to avoid easily only to end up struggling and feeling frustrated.

As a teenager, you would want your beard to grow fast or immediately. However, it is important to understand that everyone has different beard genetics and a growth rate. Moreover, with a little patience, you can always rock every stage of your beard growth by embracing some style of facial hair.

Fuel Yourself Right

Eating healthy is directly linked to beard growth and health. Consuming a well-balanced diet containing proteins, good fats, and complex carbs can help your beard bloom faster and better.

Here is what you definitely want to add to your diet for the love of beard:

  • Eggs – Besides being high in protein, eggs are a good source of biotin, a dietary supplement known to boost hair and nail growth.
  • Meat - It is a great source of saturated fat and main fatty acids, which promote testosterone production, resulting in beard growth.
  • Spinach - Contains all essential elements that support healthy beard growth such as protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Consider adding it to your smoothies or mixing it with other recipes if you do not like the taste and cannot eat it whole.
  • Sweet potatoes – Contains a good amount of Beta-carotene, which converts into Vitamin A, resulting in more cell growth in the facial hair.
  • Cinnamon – Boosts oxygen flow to the hair follicles, promoting beard growth. Add a pinch of it to your desserts and other foods to benefit your beard. 

In addition, there are many other foods like nuts, orange juice, gelatine, etc. that can increase DTH and testosterone levels which will stimulate facial hair growth naturally.

Take Care of Your Skin

Dead skin underneath facial hair often impedes the growth of a new beard and causes itchiness, dandruff, split ends, and patches.

Exfoliating, cleaning, and moisturizing your skin will help to remove cells, skin flakes, and dirt, creating a clean and better environment for new facial hair cells to develop. 

Exercise & Sleep Well

A good sleep of 7-8 hours or more not only promotes relaxation but also helps your body to produce more testosterone, which ultimately makes your beard grow faster.

Moreover, sleeping well allows damaged skin cells to repair themselves, improving your hair growth rate.

Use Right Beard Care Products

Anyone with a fully-grown beard or a fuzz of facial hair is certainly prone to problems like dandruff, itching, split ends, losing beard hair, and more.

Thankfully, Uncle Tony offers a wide range of men’s grooming products that are specifically designed for your facial hair and body. Containing a propriety formula made in France, Uncle Tony beard oil allows you to naturally rehydrate, moisturize and soften your facial bristle. Then there’s a dedicated beard wash containing sea salts and B5 Pro Vitamins, which help, remineralize your facial hair and promote healthy growth. The assortment includes many other products like moustache wax, after-shave balm, shaving foam, beard comb, all-inclusive beard kits, and shaving systems that allow you to ensure good beard and body care.

What Not to Do?

Growing a Neckbeard

A growing beard feels good, but letting your facial hair grow without maintenance is a mistake you definitely want to avoid. Obviously, you will not be trimming your growing bristle as often as you used to shave, but you will certainly need to keep it sleek and maintained.

One important aspect of the maintenance process is to keep your neckline defined and prevent the hairy fuzz from spreading around the neck. That is why you need to keep the Uncle Tony razor handy so that you can get rid of that wildly growing neck hair.

Picking Your Beard Strainds

Stroking your beard occasionally is fine and pretty much needed but grabbing and picking it constantly is a bad habit you need to break if you are into it.

Plucking your hair constantly can cause your facial hair to come off, resulting in unsightly patches.

Falling for Common Beard Growth Myths

 “There are pills that you can swallow and watch your beard grow overnight.”

“Shaving will make your beard grow thicker.”

“Beard makes you feel hot in the summer.”

“You can go for an interview with a beard.”

“Only the fully-grown beard look is an attractive beard style.”

There are so many as if these that you do not want to believe and ruin your beard-growing experience.

Dealing with Beard Issues

Growing a beard is exciting, but it definitely does not come easy. However, many people out there easily fall for the misconception that if their beard is not that thick and long, they probably don’t need to worry about it. Well, one cannot be more wrong to think so.

The truth is beards need to be taken care of regardless of their size. It is also crucial to admit the fact that even with much care, there is a possibility that you may still face some issues with your facial hair.

However, do not panic. We will here give you a quick glance at some common beard issues and ways to deal with them.


The unsightly flakes of dead skin which appear in the beard may not be as common as head dandruff, but they can be equally or more painful to some men. Caused by the micro-organism, Malassezia globose, which feeds on the natural oils produced by the skin, beard flakes can leave your beard looking dirty, and unhygienic while causing itchiness which can be very embarrassing, especially in a work setting.

To get rid of the flaky dust in your beard:

  • Wash it with the specialized France formula- Uncle Tony Beard Wash. Containing essential sea salt and healthy vitamins, the solution helps to clean your facial hair and keep it soft and hydrated to maintain healthy growth.
  • Exfoliate your mane with a comb - Keeping the Uncle Tony beard comb handy will save you the embarrassment caused by itching while enabling you to remove dead flakes in your beard instantly.

Stinky Odors

Often, the foods and drinks you consume and a lack of care cause your beard to carry unpleasant aromas. A stinky beard can really be a put-off, especially when you are trying to impress a woman.

An easy solution to this is to give your beard a quick wash with Uncle Tony beard wash to freshen up your mane. You can also apply Uncle Tony beard oil, which draws away the unpleasant smell and leaves its own unique fragrance on your beard.


Some men experience itching when they first start growing their facial hair, which often leads to them, dropping the idea of growing it at all. Though itching may be a source of discomfort, know that it will stop eventually.

Furthermore, Uncle Tony Beard Oil can naturally moisturize, soften and condition your facial fuzz, keeping the itch in control.


Getting a lot of facial hair in certain areas and a little to no in others? You are not alone. Many men get a patchy bristle on their face which is discouraging and make them rethink their decision to grow a beard. However, before you do that, here are a few things to try:

  • Be patient and give your beard some time. Do not shave it off within a month of spotting patches. Instead, let it grow as it does for a few months so that when you have a fuller, denser mane of hair, you can style it in a way to cover patches and make it look even.
  • Uncle Tony beard oil is another solution comprising all-natural ingredients to nourish and hydrate your facial hair enough to boost its growth.
  • Some other ideas that may sound obvious but are simple and helpful include getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising to increase your testosterone levels.

Split Ends

Lack of natural oils produced by the skin in your beard can leave you with split ends. Dying your beard strands often can also cause the chemicals in hair color to dry out the follicles and damage your beard.

Thankfully, the problem can be avoided with regular care and maintenance of the beard.

  • You don’t want to use your head shampoo on your beard as they don’t have the ingredients that your facial hair requires. Uncle Tony beard wash is formulated to provide your beard with the nourishment it needs to maintain its health.
  • Use Uncle Tony’s beard oil to keep your beard moisturised and nourished.
  • If you use a blow dryer on your beard, do it in moderation. You do not want to blow dry your facial hair regularly and dry up the hair follicles, resulting in split ends.

Winding Up with “How to Grow Your Beard Thicker”

The question is quite common and is often asked by curious and excited people trying to grow a full beard for the first time.

Well, one thing you cannot defy is your beard genetics as we mentioned earlier. Besides, the fastest way to get a full, dense mane of hair on your face is to boost your natural testosterone, which can be achieved by eating right, sleeping well, regularly exercising, and supplementing with fish oil and biotin, in case you are not getting enough of these from your diet. Not to mention, Uncle Tony’s beard care products designed to ensure proper care, nourishment and maintenance of facial hair can help you a lot in your journey to becoming a beardsman.

So, folks, this is it! Hope this guide helps you in your journey of growing a glorious bread