Travellers pack

Rs. 1,329 Rs. 1,899
Color: Black
The UncleTony Traveller's Pack is your perfect On-The-Go shaving partner! It includes 4 German blades, each featuring a 5 blade system and p recision trimmer, an UncleTony Razor in the color of your choice with one free blade and an UncleTony Shaving Foam with Aloe and Menthol that provides a smooth and close shave along with a fresh and classy fragrance!
What's Good About It
  • Premium German 5 Blade Razor that shaves close for a super smooth shave.
  • 5 Blades spaced closely for comfort and safety.
  • Amorphous diamond coated blades deliver sharpness and durability.
  • L-shaped blades designed for rinse through.
  • Styling trimmer built into back of the cartridge.
  • Push button for easy release.
  • German precision.
  • Rich and creamy lather which is easy to spread.
  • European Fragrance with menthol and Aloe extract.
  • Contains Glycerin that increases razor glide and prevents redness.
  • Cleanses, refreshes and tones skin without cuts and burns, giving you the smoothest shave.
  • Compact size, easy to carry.
  • Not tested on Animals.
  • Adjusting pivoting head.
  • Easy to place.
  • 5 blade system for a clean and close shave.
  • L shape for easy rinse through.
How to Use

Razor: Enjoy a smooth and clean shave with Uncle Tony's 5 blade system. Apply shaving cream before using the Razor and continue to rinse the razor with water as you shave.

Shaving foam: Apply Shaving Foam in your hand and spread over the skin. Enjoy a smooth, fresh and close shave with the effects of menthol and aloe extract.

Four Blades Pack: Uncle Tony's 5 blade system gives a clean and close shave everytime. Use blades after applying shaving foam or gel.

Travel pouch: Scoop up your grooming goodies in our travel pouch.

This Pack Contains
  • 1 x 100ML Shaving Foam
  • 1 x Razor Handle
  • 1 x 4 Blades Pack
  • 1 x Travel Pouch

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