Razor - Uncle TonyRazor - Uncle Tony

Shaving Razor For Men

Our Razor is equipped with amorphous diamond coated blades for a smooth and precise shave.
Rs. 349 Rs. 499
Blades Pack - Uncle TonyBlades Pack - Uncle Tony

Blades Pack

Our Blades Pack is coated with amorphous diamond for a smooth and precise shave.
Rs. 279 Rs. 399
Beard Wash - Uncle TonyBeard Wash - Uncle Tony

Beard Wash

Our Beard Wash is formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5, Sea Salt, and Lemon Peel Extract to cleanse and nourish beard.
Rs. 499 Rs. 799
Under Eye Cream - Uncle TonyUnder Eye Cream for Men

Under Eye Cream

Our Under Eye Cream is formulated with Caffeine and Salicylic Acid to brighten and reduce puffiness.
Rs. 999 Rs. 1,499
Beard Grooming Kit - Uncle TonyBeard Grooming Kit for Men
Sold out

Beard Grooming Kit

Our Beard Grooming Kit includes oil, wash, comb, and wax for a well-groomed beard.
Rs. 2,310 Rs. 3,300
Shaving Foam - Uncle TonyShaving Foam for Men

Shaving Foam

Our Shaving Foam is formulated with Menthol and Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturize skin.
Rs. 209 Rs. 299
Beard Oil - Uncle TonyBeard Oil

Beard Oil

Our Beard Oil hydrates and softens with natural oils for a smooth, healthy beard.
Rs. 799 Rs. 1,199
Shaving Starter Kit - Uncle TonyShaving Starter Kit - Uncle Tony

Shaving Starter Kit

Our Shaving Starter Pack includes a razor, foam, and blades for a smooth shave.
Rs. 749 Rs. 1,100
Travel Pouch - Uncle TonyTravel Pouch for Men

Travel Pouch

Rs. 279 Rs. 399
Aftershave Balm - Uncle TonyAftershave Balm - Uncle Tony

Aftershave Balm

Our Aftershave Balm is formulated with Bisabolol and Jojoba Oil to soothe and moisturize skin.
Rs. 699 Rs. 999
Anti Dandruff Shampoo - Uncle TonyAnti Dandruff Shampoo - Uncle Tony

Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Our Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is formulated with Piroctone Olamine and Salicylic Acid to fight dandruff and promote healthy hair.
Rs. 699 Rs. 999
Roll On Deodorant - Uncle TonyRoll On Deodorant - Uncle Tony

Roll On Deodorant

Our Roll-On Deodorant is formulated with natural Pierre d'Alun powder for long lasting freshness.
Rs. 559 Rs. 799
Aftershave Mist - Uncle TonyAftershave Mist - Uncle Tony

Aftershave Mist For Men

Our Aftershave Mist is formulated with Freeze Dried Aloe Leaf Juice to refresh and soothe skin.
Rs. 1,049 Rs. 1,499
Travellers pack - Uncle TonyTravellers pack - Uncle Tony

Travellers pack

All-in-one pack for the man on-the-go, includes shaving foam, razor, 4 blades cartridges, and travel pouch.
Rs. 1,329 Rs. 1,899
Face Scrub - Uncle TonyFace Scrub - Uncle Tony

Men's Face Scrub

Our face scrub cleanses and fights acne for clear skin with salicylic and citric acids.
Rs. 499 Rs. 799
Shampoo - Uncle TonyShampoo - Uncle Tony


Our Shampoo is formulated with natural Coco-Glucoside and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein for strong and healthy hair growth.
Rs. 699 Rs. 999

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