Wallet Friendly Beard Comb

Rs. 279 Rs. 399
Tame that wild mane around your chin with this magic whip! Uncle Tony Beard Comb not only helps to style your beard but also helps to keep it intact for a while. It removes dust and dirt from the beard and keeps it clean. A totally stylized product that fits perfectly in your wallet, this comb also doubles up as a bottle opener. Ain't that cool! So getting that amazon jungle into a manicured French lawn is not a problem anymore!
What's Good About It
  • The UncleTony Beard Comb is made of CR steel Chrome Plated.
  • Benefits:
  • Removes dust and dirt from the beard and keeps it clean.
  • Regular use prevents itchiness and keeps the beard well groomed.
  • Shapes and grooms your beard in minutes.
  • Easy to carry and compact.
  • Perfect for necklines and top lines.
  • Inbuilt bottle opener.
How to Use

Uncle Tony Beard Comb: Comb through your beard to make the messy beard look well groomed. Comb through after washing beard and applying oil.

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