UncleTony Shampoo

100% of 100

The UncleTony Men’s Shampoo uses our proprietary formula, made in Provence, France. The Natural Coco-glucoside and Aqua shows excellent performance in foaming, cleaning and hydration. High performance wax dispersion provides conditioning effects for the hair and skin. The UncleTony Men’s Shampoo gives shine and smoothness while reducing static electricity. Perfect for daily use to get you feeling like a million bucks every morning. Or a billion. Yeah, a billion.

Why Choose UncleTony Shampoo?

The UncleTony Shampoo contains 88% natural ingredients. With an exciting fragrance, excellent performance in foaming and cleansing, it is an absolute must!

Ingredients & benefits:

  • Shows excellent performance in foaming, cleansing and mildness, which makes it ideal for it’s dermatological properties.
  • Natural Glycerin: Emollient, hydrating to upper layers of skin.
  • High performance wax dispersion with conditioning effects for hair and skin.
  • Hair conditioner for easy combing on wet and dry hair without any build-up effect.
  • Contributes to give shine and smoothness to hair while reducing static electricity.
  • Brings optimal and long-lasting moisture to skin, promotes collagen production, non-occlusive humectant, water balance, buffering properties for skin pH.
  • Smooth and velvet finish.
  • Exciting fragrance.
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