UncleTony Shower Gel

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The UncleTony Men’s Shower Gel uses our proprietary formula, made in Provence, France. Aqua and Coco-betaine provides a moisturizing and emolliating effect while a natural origin refatting agent brings a condition effect to the hair and skin. What’s the kicker? Organic Ginger Root Extract gives the shower gel an invigorating and tonifying effect. Showers will never be the same!

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Why Choose UncleTony Shower Gel?

The UncleTony Shampoo contains 85% natural ingredients. 2-3 drops of UncleTony Shower Gel will do the trick.

Ingredients & benefits:

  • Improves skin compatibility of cleaning agents by a synergistic effect.
  • Natural Glycerin: Emollient, hydrating to upper layers of skin.
  • Natural origin refatting agent: Brings moisturizing and conditioning effect to skin & hair.
  • Organic Ginger Root Extract: Invigorating and tonifying effect.
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