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The combination of a Beard Oil, Beard Wash, Moustache Wax, all made in Provence, France; add to that a Beard Comb. What else would you want for a Beard Kit?

What Does UncleTony Beard Kit Include?


Our proprietary formula, made in Provence, France, uses organic sunflower oil to rehydrate and naturally soften the beard. Sweet almond oil prevents irritation of the skin. The UncleTony Beard Oil moisturizes, revitalizes and cleanses the facial hair to help you end up with a smoother and shinier beard that you can proudly flaunt. Not to mention, the great scent it releases, making your beard feel fresh and smell good all the time.

BEARD WASH (80% Natural)

The UncleTony Beard Wash is the key to keeping your beard well groomed, clean and smooth! Our proprietary formula, made in Provence, France, uses sea salt with remineralizing properties to maintain a healthy growth. You can use the product as part of your beard care routine to wash away excess dirt and oils in your hair.


Taming your wild facial hair will become so much easier with this product. Our proprietary formula, made in Provence, France, Candelilla Wax from Mexican Candelilla shrubs provides extraordinary oil retention properties that allow you to style and hold your moustache.


The UncleTony Beard Comb is a totally stylized product that fits perfectly in your wallet. It helps you evenly distribute wax/oil in your beard and keep it trendy and tamed. The fun part is, it even doubles up as a bottle opener!

Why Do You Need Beard Care Products?

It goes without saying that growing a full beard is much more than a decision to not shave your facial hair for a couple of months or years. Besides staying committed to your decision, there’s much effort involved in the journey. Like all great things in life, your beard also needs time, patience and, of course, a lot of care and maintenance.

When you start growing a beard, you will likely experience problems like beardruff, flaky skin (underneath the hair) and beard itch. That’s why and where you will need specialized beard care products to tame your facial fuzz in its growth phase.

UncleTony Beard Kit is a curated set of grooming products comprising of organic ingredient blends that help you clean, moisturize and rejuvenate your beard. Give the beard care gift set to a loved one or buy it for yourself, the product will get the most out of your money for sure.

Isn’t it so cool that pretty much of everything you need to keep your beard looking tidy and groomed comes packed in one box?

Whether you are looking for a beard care gift set to surprise your beloved partner or need to take your beard growth to the next level, get UncleTony Beard Kit is online today.

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Uncle Tony Beard Kit