Complete Starter Pack

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Color: Blue
Not your Dad's razor, this one's for you! The UncleTony Starter Pack comes with 2 German blade catridges each featuring a 5-blade system and precision trimmer, an UncleTony Razor in the color of your choice with one free blade as well as an UncleTony Shaving Foam, with Aloe and Menthol that provides a smooth and close shave. Make shaving great again!
What's Good About It 
  • Premium German 5 Blade Razor that shaves close for a super smooth shave.
  • 5 Blades spaced closely for comfort and safety.
  • Amorphous diamond coated blades deliver sharpness and durability.
  • L-shaped blades designed for rinse through.
  • Styling trimmer built into back of the cartridge.
  • Push button for easy release.
  • German precision.
  • Rich and creamy lather which is easy to spread.
  • European Fragrance with menthol and Aloe extract.
  • Contains Glycerin that increases razor glide and prevents redness.
  • Cleanses, refreshes and tones skin without cuts and burns, giving you the smoothest shave.
  • Compact size, easy to carry.
  • Not tested on Animals.
  • Adjusting pivoting head.
  • Easy to place.
  • 5 blade system for a clean and close shave.
  • L shape for easy rinse through.
How to Use

Razor: Enjoy a smooth and clean shave with Uncle Tony's 5 blade system. Apply shaving cream before using the Razor and continue to rinse the razor with water as you shave.

Shaving foam: Apply Shaving Foam in your hand and spread over the skin. Enjoy a smooth, fresh and close shave with the effects of menthol and aloe extract.

Two Blades Pack: Uncle Tony's 5 blade system gives a clean and close shave everytime. Use blades after applying shaving foam or gel.

This Pack Contains
  • 1 x 100ML Shaving Foam
  • 1 x Razor Handle
  • 1 x 2 Blades Pack

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