Men’s Grooming

  1. Is it safe to use beard oil for growing a beard?

    Today, almost everybody who grows a beard makes use of beard oil. However, to answer the question whether it is safe to use beard oil for growing a beard depends on the type of beard oil. Organic beard oils are said to work wonders in growing out a shiny and neat beard. On the other hand, selective oils mixed with chemicals also help in growing out a half-decent beard. In this guide, you will learn about what beard oil is, the benefits of using beard oil, how to apply it, its basic ingredients, and which beard oil you should make use of.

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  2. How to Grow a Beard for the First Time

    Hoping desperately to grow a beard? This guide has got you covered. Make use of the products, tips, and tricks mentioned in this guide to grow a beard with ease and flaunt it too!

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  3. How to Fix Patchy Beard | Uncle Tony

    All beards are not created equal. It is every man's dream to have a full and luscious beard that highlights their manliness and works as a symbol of maturity. Due to various reasons such as the rate of your hair growth, hair growth pattern, or your genetics, you may not have the beard which you expected to flaunt, or it may turn out to be the complete opposite after you try to style it. Keep reading ahead to find out ways in which you can manage and take care of your patchy beard.

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  4. Best Grooming Gifts for Men | Uncle Tony

    Getting a gift for the man in your life can be quite consuming because no matter what you think of, they already have it. Be it your father, your boyfriend, your husband, your brother, or a friend, you want to make them feel special with a gift. So, what can be better than men's grooming kit gifts? Continue reading ahead to find some of the best gift combos and shaving gift sets curated by Uncle Tony. 

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  5. Best Beard Grooming kit India - Buy Online | Uncle Tony

    Your beard is part of your identity and plays a significant role in determining how you look. A good and well-maintained beard can make you look charming and dashing. On the other hand, a dirty and untrimmed beard can make you look homeless and right out of an asylum. Also, not to forget, it decides if the ladies come to you or not. So, what's better than Uncle Tony's Beard Grooming kit? Recognized as the best beard grooming kit in India, it is one of the best deals that you will ever make. 

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  6. Men’s Grooming: A matter of personal style

    It is easy to find something to gift your girlfriend or your wife. There are so many options readily available when it comes to giving women something special. But what about the men in our lives? What special something can you give the men who support you, nurture you, and love you?

    Earlier we would give them the usual tie or wallet, but times have changed. While we could have overlooked men's grooming back in the days, today it has become a matter of expressing your style. Grooming is never just about hygiene, although hygiene should be one of your top 5 reasons. Grooming also allows you to express your inner self and leave a long-lasting, positive impression. There's no shame in keeping yourself as polished as can be. Gone are the days when grooming was only the women's hobby; men are at it too!

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  7. How to Wash Your Beard - A Complete Step by Step Guide

    It is no surprise that clean-cut, presentable, and well-groomed men are instantly luring to look at. However, over the last decade, many beard trends have come to rise. From alluring and thick mustaches to elegant goatees, you name it. Beards are trending extensively today. Nonetheless, grooming and washing your beard regularly is one of the most crucial aspects of staying hygienic, fresh, and smart. 

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  8. How to Moisturize Your Beard and the Skin Underneath Like a Pro

    A dry itchy beard doesn’t happen by chance. It takes days of ignorance and reluctance to properly care for the facial hair and the skin underneath to turn a once luscious man mane into a living scouring pad. 

    Having a super dry, itchy skin under your beard and white flakes over it are the last thing you want when growing your facial hair. Unfortunately, it happens to most men on their journey to grow a beard. Not only does a dry, itchy skin affect the feel and overall look of your beard but it also takes a toll on your confidence and encourages you to rethink your decision to grow a beard.

    But don’t worry! Taming the skin under your facial hair and other symptoms like beard dandruff, itchiness, split ends and brittleness is as easy as introducing a moisturizing practice into your daily beard care routine.

    But before dwelling into the specifics of moisturizing your dry skin and scruffy facial hair, let’s first understand what causes dry skin under your beard in the first place.

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  9. The Modern Mans Guide to Grooming a Beard

    There’s no denying that clean-cut men have ruled the fashion industry for years. However, the beard invasion that occurred over recent years has changed the game forever. Be it a sleek-looking goatee or a thick mane with a moustache, a beard is the most trending accessory a man can pull on nowadays.  

    But a well-groomed, praise worthy beard doesn’t grow overnight. It takes weeks or months of dedicated care and attention to keep your facial hair looking tidy and graceful. So, keep a notepad and a pen handy as we drop down the most helpful tips to maintain a great-looking beard. 

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  10. How to Grow A Beard? - The Modern Man’s Grooming 101

    Every man reaches a point in his life where he decides to let his facial hair grow and see how a full beard influences his looks and personality. If you are somewhere around that point in life, you have landed on the right page we would suggest.  

    Growing a beard requires much more than avoiding your razor for a while. To help you understand what it takes to grow a full, dense mane of hair on the face, we have put together some useful information.

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