UncleTony Beard Wash

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The UncleTony Beard Wash is the key to keeping your beard well groomed, clean and smooth! Our proprietary formula, made in Provence, France, uses sea salt with remineralizing properties to maintain healthy growth and B5 Pro Vitamins to protect the beard from external aggressions. UncleTony Beard Wash is an essential if you’re a bearded man or Chewbacca.


Why Choose UncleTony Beard Wash?

The UncleTony Beard Wash contains 80% natural ingredients.

A pinch of Beard Wash will soften your beard and the sea salt will remineralize it.

Ingredients & benefits:

  • Soft washing base: Contains soft cleaning agent with hydration properties, maintaining skin balance.
  • Natural Glycerin: Emollient, hydrating upper layers of skin.
  • Sea salt with remineralizing properties.
  • Protects skin from external aggressions. Also promotes cell regeneration.
  • Antiseptic
  • Glossing effect (hair).
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